One of the main features that distinguish this firm, is to have served for ten years as Coordinator Office of external litigators in an institution renown in the national and international financial environment. This experience was very useful to build a team of the most recognized law firms in each of the main cities in Mexico. Also, a team was consolidated with law specialists in tax, criminal and labor, among others, which may of course be linked together with the issues taken care of by De Rosenzweig & De Rosenzweig Lawyers.

This feature has been instrumental in our firm to be able to address the issues in which it has specialized specifically, being able to approach at any time, any of the firms with which it has professional links.

It is common in other places that big firms are forced to go to law firms where existing formal and inflexible relationships exist. The functional, agile, modern and efficient scheme developed by De Rosenzweig & De Rosenzweig Lawyers, lets you choose from among all options located in the vast majority of the cities in Mexico, the ideal professional, who meets the appropriate profile in each case.