Less is more

This is our law firm's philosophy. We have always avoided large structures and complex organizational charts and preferred excellence in each of the cases we accept.

This way of working is probably one of the main strengths that distinguish this law firm. From the moment a case is received, all partners and professionals become involved in a detailed study proposing different possible strategies. There is a partner in charge of each case that is addressed in the firm, however, all members have knowledge and intervention.

Another strength that characterizes the firm, is the conviction that specialization is decisive to take responsibility for an issue, and for that reason, except in cases with special circumstances, normally the subject matter handled by this firm is commercial, financial and bankruptcy, and certainly the constitutional (amparo) protection in these areas.

The diligence, professionalism and honesty in providing services are guiding principles of De Rosenzweig & De Rosenzweig Lawyers, and have been instrumental in placing this firm as one of the most recognized in the litigation, commercial and financial areas.